Get Involved

Become a Sponsor for Father’s House

A sponsorship is $30/month and we provide a photo information on a child and subsequent updates. When we go to Ukraine, you have the opportunity to send a letter and/or small gift and we do our utmost to bring back a reply. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please email Anne at

Ongoing Donations

Ezra runs an ongoing need for donations to pay for staff wages for the Rescue Center and the running of the Center. These running costs include transportation costs for the workers to conduct home visits, resources to buy food for families who are in a food crisis situation, medical needs for children who need emergency medical assistance (often when our staff gets to a home they find a child who is ill), as well as other running costs.


Father’s House Childrens Home for Orphaned and Abondoned Children.

The Ranch’s new tractor ready for harvest season.