Our Programs


New Beginnings

New Beginnings is a farm/village that was established as a means to provide for the immediate needs of families of young children who are in emergency situations. Since its beginning the ranch has provided multiple services for families who are either homeless or experiencing a housing crisis.

The goal of the ranch is to create a self sustaining village and farm. Over the short term the farm has successfully provided food for the families living at the ranch. The long term goal is to be able to harvest enough food to not only feed themselves but also sell a surplus in the local market. The funds created from selling goods at the market will be used to buy gasoline and wheat for bread. With donations from outside donors we have been able to buy homes and renovate them so they are suitable to house families with young children. While families are living in these homes they learn many survival skills and many of the parents are able to attend the rehab unit of the village.


Kiev Children’s Rescue Program

Our Children’s Rescue Center is the only one of its kind in Ukraine. The staff field phone calls from family members, neighbors and others reporting abuse of children and can be called out 24/7. Rescue Center staff do home visits and are the social workers managing the case files for children identified at risk. They attempt to keep children in their homes, if it is safe and viable to do so, and provide in-home support. If they reach the conclusion that a child’s welfare requires removal from the home, that recommendation is given to the government officials who make these decisions. Removals are carried out with police co-operation. Our staff then place the children in sanitoriums for their health, children’s homes or foster families.

In tandem with the Rescue Center is an After School Program for children from these crisis families.


Father’s House Children’s Home

Father’s House is a Christian Children’s home situated in a village about an hour from Kiev. Ezra has been involved with Fathers House from when it was being built in 2002. It is currently home to about 70 children who have been orphaned or abandoned.

Children new to Father’s House live in the original front house, which is a rehabilitation center for them to learn living and social skills. And then after nine months the children go to live in the back building which is made up of family style apartments. Each apartment has a Mom and Dad, often with their own bio children, and there are around 8 children to each family unit.

We see first-hand the remarkable changes in children as they are loved and nurtured at Father’s House. It is wonderful news when children are adopted into their own families, both within Ukraine and in other countries.

To help support Father’s House, we have a sponsorship program where for $30 a month you can help by sponsoring a child.